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Combine lemonade and iced tea and you've got an Arnold Palmer. Peanut butter with jelly and you've created one of the world's most successful sandwiches. Incorporate three low-output LEDs into the perfectly shaped reflector of a small but powerful incandescent flashlight and you've got the SureFire Aviator—another best-of-both-worlds design destined to become a classic.

The A2 was designed with aviators in mind. Pilots need a flashlight with a low-output beam that won't compromise their night-adapted vision in the cockpit. But they also need a strong primary beam that's powerful enough to illuminate an aircraft for inspection purposes. The Aviator's long-running, wide-angle LEDs are bright enough for close-quarter activities like map-reading or loading bags, and its tightly focused incandescent beam is bright enough to light up the tail of a jumbo jet. All in a less than six-inch, weatherproof body machined from—appropriately enough for something named the Aviator—aerospace-grade aluminum.

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