Combatlight Series

A grip that allows a user to hold a flashlight while holding or firing a handgun is an important feature in military and law enforcement applications. SureFire's CombatGripT7 a stepped-down body with a rubber grip-ring, lets the user hold the flashlight with one hand, like a syringe, while maintaining two-handed control over a firearm. It's also perfect for hanging on to in just about any conditions, even while wearing gloves.

The Z2 CombatLight® is so well suited to being paired with a handgun that it's standard issue for the FBI, Air Marshals, and many police departments worldwide. Also available in a lighter-weight Nitrolon® polymer version— the SureFire G2Z—these two CombatLights produce enough focused light to temporarily overwhelm an aggressor's night-adapted vision.

The C2 and C3 Centurion® add a pocket clip and a finishing choice of either Type II black or Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing in olive drab. Like the Z2 and G2Z, the C2 projects a 65-lumen, tactical-level beam for 60 minutes on a single set of batteries, or a 120-lumen beam for 20 minutes with its optional ultra highoutput lamp assembly. With a third battery for more power, the slightly longer C3 Centurion generates 105 lumens of light, 200 lumens with its optional ultra high-output lamp.

Although a properly held SureFire CombatLight will never slip from your hand, each comes with an included lanyard. Because things can happen out there that even SureFire engineers can't factor in.

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