Dualoutput Incandescent Rechargeables

These rechargeables were originally designed for patrol officers, who need an intense, far-reaching beam for searching and defensive purposes and a lower-output beam with an extended runtime for everyday duties. But they're not just for law enforcement. They're perfect for anyone looking for a versatile, dual-output rechargeable flashlight, especially one with spotlight capability (the 10X), that will easily hang from a belt or fit into a coat pocket.

The 10X Dominator lives up to its name by overpowering anyone or anything in its path with 500 lumens of eye-searing incandescent light. For jobs that don't require so much light, its patented dual-lamp/reflector system allows you to activate its lower-output 60-lumen lamp simply by letting up on its two-stage tailcap pushbutton—and it'll run at this level for up to three hours on a single charge.

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