Dualoutput Led Flashlights

Sometimes less light is more than enough and more light is less than optimal. Other times, more light is more advantageous. That's why we designed the dual-output L1 and L2, so you can have more or less light, but always more or less the right amount of light.

Need a little? Press lightly on the switch and get subdued lighting for closer work or navigation. Need more? Press harder for maximum power: an impressive 65 lumens (over three times that of a typical two-D-cell flashlight) for the L1 and an awesome 100 lumens (five times the output of that same two-D-cell light) for the L2. And you can lock either output level on by rotating the tailcap—twist a little for low output or all the way for high output.

Utilizing lower output levels not only helps preserve your night-adapted vision, it helps preserve batteries. The L1's extremely efficient LED can run for 16 hours on a single battery at its low-output setting and up to 1.5 hours at its high setting. The L2 is no slouch in the runtime department either. At its low-output setting, it runs for up to 18 hours; one hour at maximum output.

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