When it was introduced in 1986, the SureFire 6P® revolutionized flashlight technology—high-energy lithium batteries, compact size, and several times more light output than the D-cell dinosaurs it supplanted. Today, the 6P and its Nitrolon® brother, the G2®, remain SureFire best-sellers. But we like to think a good thing can always get better, which is why we've introduced two new models to the family: the G3™ Nitrolon® and the 6P® Defender®.

Like its older brother, the all-new 6P Defender lights up the night with 65 lumens of pure, white light, while adding two twists to the 6P Original: a click-on/off tailcap and a crenellated Strike Bezel™ for added self-defense capabilities.

The 9P® builds on the 6P's formula for success by adding an extra battery for 40 more lumens of light. And if you need even more, you can increase the 9P's output to a searing 200 lumens with its optional ultra high-output lamp.

SureFire's undisputed value leader is the G2® Nitrolon®, a lighter-weight version of the 6P, made from Nitrolon, our own abrasion-resistant, corrosion-proof, incredibly strong polymer. At an extremely competitive price, the G2 is perfect for sticking in a glove compartment, first-aid or emergency-preparedness kit, a nightstand drawer, your pocket, or all of the above. A lower price tag doesn't mean a sacrifice in quality either—like all SureFire illumination tools, the G2 is O-ring sealed and features our patented switch-lockout feature to prevent accidental activation.

Also new for 2007, the G3 is a higher-output version of the G2 with a few minor differences, including an extra battery and a window made of tempered Pyrex® instead of Lexan®. The G3's xenon lamp/reflector assembly produces 105 lumens of brilliant white light—over five times brighter than a typical two-D-cell flashlight—and its optional ultra high-output lamp assembly puts out 200 lumens of light. Like the G2, the G3's lightweight, rugged body is made from Nitrolon and molded with a grid pattern for a slip-proof grip in virtually any weather.

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