SureFire Customer Luke T. —Explorer of Ruins

»1 was vacationing in Cancun, visiting the ancient Mexican ruins of Chichen Itza. I stepped into a dark room of a building called "the Nunnery," joining a mother with two teenage daughters who were begging her to let them go down a pitch-black passageway. The oldest daughter already had her hand out, poised to grab a barely visible ledge in the passageway. I pulled out my SureFire L2 , fired it up, and pointed it down the passageway. There on the ledge, where the oldest girl had her hand ready to grab, was the biggest, blackest scorpion I'd ever seen As it disappeared into a crack, the girls squealed about how cool it was, while their mom, clearly thankful that I (and my L2> had happened along, looked like she was going to pass out. Just one more reason why my L2 gets carried regularly."

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