Incandescent Flashlights

Although they may be old-school technology, incandescent lamps are capable of generating high-output beams that, when teamed with the right reflector and bezel, can reach far into the night. And of all the incandescent flashlights on the market, SureFire xenon incandescents are by far the best.

An incandescent lamp works by running current through a tungsten filament until it heats up enough to emit light. Off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill filaments won't do for SureFire; we use custom-designed, custom-wound filaments in our lamps. Then, to maximize the lamp's output and operating life, while minimizing tungsten boil-off—a process that can form a light-blocking layer of tungsten on the inside wall of the lamp—our lamps are filled with expensive high-pressure xenon gas and, in some models, a halogen additive.

SureFire's high-performance xenon lamps are precision placed within perfectly shaped aluminum reflectors coated with a light-smoothing microtexture. The result is a beam with no obvious hot spots, dark rings, or imperfections. A protective window made of tempered Pyrex® glass coated with a layer of anti-reflective material to minimize light loss covers the reflector/lamp assembly. Wrap it all up in a tough, aerospace-grade aluminum or polymer body. Seal the body with O-rings. Power it with compact lithium batteries with a 10-year shelf life. Now you've got a world-class illumination tool that performs at the highest level in virtually any conditions.

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