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Be afraid, very afraid. But only if you find yourself on the receiving end of this monster's 2,300-lumen, night-piercing beam. There's nothing monstrous about the Beast Rechargeable's size, though. It weighs in at only 5.5 pounds and measures only 19 inches long with its long-running, rechargeable lithium-ion battery handle in place; 15 inches with its lithium-battery handle. That's right, it comes with two handles, giving you the option of powering up with 20 disposable lithium batteries, should you find yourself somewhere where charging a depleted rechargeable battery isn't an option.

The Beast rechargeable has a softer side, too. Twelve long-running LEDs (six white and six ultraviolet— useful in verifying the authenticity of passports, driver's licenses, and other documents that border patrol and other law enforcement professionals may examine) surround its main HID lamp and provide enough light for navigation and close-quarter tasks. These LEDs, as well as the main HID lamp, are activated with a twist of the Beast's rotary power ring, located behind its head.

Protected by a rugged, weatherproof, anodized-aluminum body, the Beast Rechargeable is totally at home in the wild. And because its durable HID lamp has no filament to break and sits behind a tempered Pyrex® window, it's nearly impossible to kill. The Beast and all of its accoutrements—two handles, charger, and connectors—fit neatly into an included weatherproof case/charging station for additional protection during travel or periods of hibernation.

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