Surefire Customer Shawn H -Protective Husband

DR. JOHN MATTHEWS Founoer/Presioent/EnGineer

There's a reason the most cuttinG-eoGe iLLuMination tools oriGinate at SureFire. Because John Matthews, the Man in chArGe, is constantly AskinG hiMseLF ano his staff, "What if...?"

While other flashlight Manufacturers Ask themselves how they can cut corners to keep costs oown, John ano his staff never coMProMise to save A Buck.

"We oare to Builo thinGs just Because we can," says John. "Everyone at SureFire is oBsesseo with Builowg the ABsoiute Best Because, At the eno of the oay, we know Lives may oePeno on it. That keeps us at the LeaoinG eoGe."

John's vision is For SureFire to oo For each new MooeL what it oio with the 6P® OriGinai over 20 years AGo-create a whole new Genre of iLLuMination tools. Ano he's ooinG More than just envisioninG it. He Puts Pencil to PAPer every oay, tryinG to answer the sAMe two-woro question he's Been AskinG hiMseLF For 40 years now-. "What if.?"



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