Who needs a flashlight that produces three separate colors of high-quality LED light, each with dual-output levels? The better question is, who wants a high-tech illumination tool that does the work of six separate flashlights, fits in your pocket, endures abuse from Mother Nature and insensitive owners, and weighs in at barely over five ounces?

You can put your hand down.

The state-of-the-art Kroma was developed as part of a collaborative project for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—the same agency that originated the internet) to supply U.S. forces with high-performance flashlights for use in the field. The Kroma's main LED throws out enough TIR lens-focused white light to temporarily disable the night-adapted vision of a foe. Its red and blue secondary LEDs are perfect for preserving night-adapted vision during tasks requiring minimal light, like reading maps, tracking, or navigating trails—without disturbing wildlife if you use red (many wild animals can't see light in the red portion of the spectrum). But no matter what the task, if you decide it's time for a different color or a higher or lower output level, just twist the no-look selector ring or press down on the tailcap to instantly change your perspective.

So, who needs a Kroma? Only those who want one of the finest, most versatile pieces of handheld technology in the world.

Go ahead and put your hand back up.

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