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The bmp assemblies M aU Special Operations •ffaihfyhfs are shock isolated ■for additions! protection. Shock isohihn uses dampen and springs, much ¡ike an automobile's suspension system, Id help prevent externst farces from damBjiny tomp parts, particularly the funcfsi-en filament. For addedprotectioh, 3 machined-in barrier prevents the fisshliqnt's Batteries fhm siammmy Into the temp as&e/nbty if dropped or Pit by shot her object.

Al6 Guardian

1. Xenon/ha fa yen lamp assembly with tungsten filament Z. Coated Pyrcx window f>r optima!

//ejftt transmission 3- Patented lockout Mhap 1. /V1omeniary-on tai/cap switch X fee oil- dampening sleeve 6- Integral shock-isolation Spring t Machined-in battery barrier p. Precision parabolic rcflechr wih micro-textured Surface

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