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An elongated reflector designed to throw a far-reaching LED beam into the dead of night. A patented CombatGrip™ featuring a sleeker, stepped-down body for a secure hold in slippery conditions or while shooting a firearm. A tactically advantageous tailcap switch for precision control. The SureFire L5 LumaMax is equipped for combat conditions, but it performs heroically no matter what the job.

The L5's new higher-output, longer-running LED cranks out an impressive 120 lumens of brilliant, focused light—six times that of a typical two-D-cell flashlight—and runs for over four hours on a single set of batteries. Its virtually unbreakable LED is protected by a tough Pyrex® window and regulated by electronic circuitry that's O-ring sealed inside the L5's hard-anodized aluminum body. This rugged, combat-ready flashlight is durable enough to endure all kinds of abuse: water, dust, extreme temperatures, impact— whatever comes your way.

Carry the high-performance L5 LED CombatLight into your next battle. Even if you're only waging war on a dark hiking trail as the ultimate weekend warrior.

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