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You know the saying it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog? Well, substitute "light" for "dog" and you're talking about the L4, SureFire's brightest pocket-sized LED flashlight.

The best-in-breed L4 dominates all other flashlights in its class. This small but powerful illumination tool unleashes 100 lumens of perfectly focused light—more than enough to temporarily overwhelm an attacker's night-adapted vision. And the L4 can take a hit. With no filament or glass to break, its LED is virtually indestructible, and its insides are protected by a weatherproof, hard-anodized aluminum body.

While the L4's beam is undeniably bright, it's also incredibly smooth and effective. A bright central beam surrounded by a gradually diminishing corona makes it perfect for illuminating what lies ahead, while enhancing peripheral vision.

Compact, powerful, tough, and it can run for hours. Count on the L4 LumaMax to fight the good fight no matter what it's up against.

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