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First SureFire introduced the world's original dualoutput flashlight with two-step switching. Then came the U2, the first LED flashlight with six preset output levels. Now the next logical milestone: the world's first—and unquestionably finest—continuous variableoutput LED illumination tool.

With a twist of its titanium bezel, the limited-edition Titan goes from zero to 30 lumens of light (one and a half times that of a much larger two-D-cell flashlight) and all points in between. A built-in potentiometer seamlessly increases or decreases the Titan's light output the way a stereo's volume knob raises or lowers sound levels. So you decide exactly how much light to use. Total control with over 1,000 possibilities within its operating range.

No matter which output level you select, the Titan's smooth, wide-angle beam—courtesy of its micro-texture coated reflector—is perfect for close- to mid-range illumination. And its diminutive size, light weight, and quick-release interface, which attaches to a key ring or lanyard, make the Titan the ultimate everyday-carry illumination tool.

But the Titan is about more than just functionality. It's about quality, workmanship, and styling that create a whole new class of illumination tool—a luxury class consisting of one. Is it overkill to give the Titan a sleek, corrosion-resistant titanium body with an elegant satin finish; Acme threading for extra holding power; and a super-strong, scratch-resistant sapphire window?

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