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capsule superheat and ionize the gas, which in turn vaporizes the halide compunds to create a plasma arc that is extremely efficient at emitting light. Up to thousands of lumens of light. Since there's no filament to break or burn out, they're extremely resistant to mechanical shock and vibration. And HID lamps, such as the one used in the SureFire Beast®, have operating lives that far exceed those of tungsten-filament incandescent lamps.

The downside of HID lamps is that they require large amounts of energy to start up. But once they're up and running, they're more efficient than either incandescent lamps or LEDs. The good news is that SureFire engineers are continually moving the dial when it comes to devising ways to lower HID power requirements, which means SureFire HID lights are getting smaller and lighter.

Scorch Bullet Lighter

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