Gustav ano his team have helped turn SureFire's MAnuFActurinG center into one of the Most tecHnoLoGicALLY ADvanceo facilities in the country. Utilizing state-of-the-att CNC (computet nuMericALLY controLLeo) Machines, each yeat he ano his crew turn over A Million Pounds of raw alumwum into «uauty flashlight components. Some say Gustav is so Good with ALuMinuM he can chew on a piece of ear stock ano sPit out A flashlight. ÔuALitY control has yet to come across anY components with teeth Marks conFirMinG this tumot.

AA cell 123A lithium small Bur powerful, SureFire lithiums outperform Ano outlast LArGer D-CeLL ano AA-ceLL BArreries.

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