GEORGE SYRENGELAS Returns & RePAirs Supervisor wm

IronicALLy, the number-one "repair" George and His crew perform isn't a repair At all. It's rePLAcing oePLeteo batteries in fLAshLights customers have sent back, mistakenly believing the Problem to be something more substantial.

"PeoPLe sometimes have A tendency to Assume the worst," says George. "Especially if they've never owneo a SureFire before. But our Lights Are built to be so reliable Ano durable thAt there's very rarely a Problem with one."

So what's the most incredible exAmPLe of SureFire durability George hAs seen in his over five years heading the rePAirs oePArtment?

"l once received an L4 thAt hAd been droPPed off a 250-foot cliff and smashed into the rocks below. The Lens was broken and the body was A bit dinged uP, but it fired right up and shined As brightly As A new one right out of the box. Now thAt's whAt l cALL buiLt to LAst."

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