With six output levels, there's no denying the U2 suffers from multiple personalities. But its schizophrenic pain is your gain, because you can choose from a low two lumens of light (perfect for preserving night-adapted vision) to a blinding, tightly focused beam of 100 lumens (five times the light of a typical two-D-cell flashlight) and four preset levels in between. Because sometimes you need a little light, sometimes you need a lot, but most of the time your needs fall somewhere in the middle.

When it comes to your runtime needs, the U2 meets those, too. We're talking 40-plus hours on a single set of batteries at its lowest setting. And you don't sacrifice any toughness for all this sophisticated Power Select™ technology. Like the Kroma®, the U2 emerged from a DARPA project to create an advanced flashlight to meet the military's future needs. The U2 Ultra is made of hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, is O-ring sealed, and its unbreakable LED and micro-textured reflector are protected by a tough Pyrex® window.

Beauty, brains, and brawn, all engineered into a six-inch package.


- high 100 lumens

- low 2 lumens Runtime 40 hours Weight (w/batteries) 5.7 ounces Length 6.0 inches Bezel Diam. 1.47 inches Batteries (included) Two 123A lithiums

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