Use it, drain it, recharge it...use it, drain it, recharge it... You get the idea. Rechargeable flashlights are convenient, effective, economical, and a great option—if ™"=\you use your flashlight a lot. But if you're planning on using your flashlight only sporadically or sticking it in a glove compartment, trunk, or disaster-preparedness kit, a rechargeable is NOT the right choice. Unlike disposable lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries self-discharge over time, so if you stow a rechargeable flashlight, the battery may not have any juice left by the time you actually need it.

If "Action" will be your flashlight's middle name (SureFire should be its first), an Advanced Rechargeable is for you. Every SureFire rechargeable kit (excluding the 10X Dominator®) includes two Ni-Cad batteries. So while you're using one battery, the other can be charging away in its included Rapid SmartCharger cradle, which automatically monitors the charging process, ensuring a perfectly charged battery in less than two hours. Kits also include a 110-volt AC power supply transformer and a DC accessory plug to charge your light's battery via the cigarette-lighter socket of a car or boat. So you can keep the whole use-drain-recharge cycle going even if you're on the move.

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