Special Operations Flashlights

Definitely not your father's two-D-cell flashlight that he kept in the broom closet in case the lights went out. SureFire Special Ops illumination tools are the same hardcore lights carried by elite military groups, SWAT teams, and other law enforcement and military units around the globe. Designed to generate an intense beam that penetrates the night, these flashlights are perfect for temporarily blinding, disorienting, and controlling potential foes, an invaluable function in law enforcement and military applications.

This same tightly focused beam is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need to illuminate distant waypoints or dangerous drop-offs, light up caves and crevices, find trails that have disappeared in the dark, or to spot and ward off nocturnal critters that are higher up on the food chain. Just about any activity that involves you, wide-open spaces, and dark, moonless nights.

Special Operations flashlights are not only built to last, they're built with the expectation that punishment will be the norm, not the exception. They feature internal shock isolation to protect the lamp assembly from impacts like drops or strikes, and they're O-ring sealed for weather resistance. And, of course, they're machined from aerospace-grade aluminum and hard anodized with an ultra tough Mil-Spec Type III finish.

So don't worry about coddling these bad boys. If they're tough enough to take what our guys in uniform can dish out, they should handle your "special operations" just fine.

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