Dominator Features

• Ni-Cad battery built into removable body assembly

• Two high-pressure xenon lamps in separate reflectors for dual-output levels: 500 lumens & 60 lumens (110 lumens with optional ultra high-output lamp)

• Two precision micro-textured reflectors that each produce a bright central beam with gradually diminishing surround beam

• Coated Pyrex® window for maximum light transmission

• Rugged, lightweight, corrosion-proof Nitrolon polymer body with machined aluminum dual-reflector system, Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized

• O-ring sealed, weatherproof

• Two-stage tailcap switch: press lightly for low-output light level, harder for high-output light level

• Rotate head for constant-on operation at both output levels

• Lockout switch: prevents accidental activation, enabled by rotating head counterclockwise

• Rapid SmartCharger accepts battery body assembly with or without head in place, allowing for charging of optional spare battery body while flashlight is in use

• Flashlight locks in place into SmartCharger by rotating 90 degrees, preventing light from coming loose during extreme movement or car accident

• Charger accessories include 110-volt AC power supply transformer and DC accessory plug for charging in 12-volt socket of car or boat mv nmvuMATOR

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