Combatlight Series

It's not just about shooting, it's about identifying your target. If you keep a gun for defense, you need a tactical flashlight to insure you only shoot at identified threats. The SureFire/Rogers Technique of gripping a flashlight while aiming a handgun is one of the best methods.

These models represent the very best attributes of a tactical light. The C2 runs on two lithium batteries and produces 65 or 120 lumens; the C3 runs on three lithium batteries and produces 105 or 200 lumens with the optional high out-put lamp.

Both the C2 and C3 are mil-spec hard anodized with a Type III coating that eliminates cosmetic scratches. The toughest of all anodizing, the mil-spec finish is impervious to salt water. Additionally, the C2 and C3 come with stainless steel pocket clips and a wrist lanyard.

There are TurboHead conversion kits for the Z2, C2 and C3, allowing the operator to extend the threat-identification range of the lights. If you keep a handgun for self-defense, keep a CombatLight too. As the NRA rightly admonishes, "Identify your target before you shoot."

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