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Firing a handgun while holding a flashlight is a bit of trick. It requires tech-

nique. It requires practice. But most of all it requires a SureFire CombatLight. Only SureFire's patented "grip ring"— a non-slip ring of vulcanized rubber around a reduced body diameter of a flashlight— allows you to firmly control a pistol and a flashlight in a two-handed firing grip. This firing technique was pioneered by former FBI agent Bill Rogers, the holster designer who founded Rogers Holster Co. and designed many of Safariland's best holsters.

We jointly acknowledge the contribution of Rogers by referring to the use of his technique as the SureFire/Rogers Technique.Today the SureFire/Rogers Technique is the preferred method for shooting a handgun with a flashlight and is taught at virtually every police academy in the United States.

SureFire manufactures nine different models with this grip ring system— all of them CombatLights— but we have grouped only four of them here in the CombatLight Series. Of the other five, three fall into the Special Operations Series (M2, M3 and M3T) and two are grouped in the Digital LumaMax Series because of their microprocessor-controlled LEDs (L5,and L6). Let's take a closer look at the remaining four models in the CombatLight Series.

The patriarch of the Series is the venerable Z2 CombatLight.The Z2 is basically a 6P with a stepped down body and a grip ring.The Z2 is issued to every FBI agent and Air Marshal.

The Z2 features an optically coated Pyrex lens window and comes with a standard 65 lumen lamp assembly that can be upgraded to a 120 lumen high-output lamp.The Z2 comes with a wrist lanyard.A proven performer in the field, the Z2 CombatLight remains the best-selling model of all SureFire CombatLights.

Identical to the Z2 in every respect, the G2Z CombatLight is injection molded from a high-impact, non-conductive polymer. Hailed for its ability to temporarily blind an assailant, the G2Z is recognized as the Official Tactical Light of the NRA. We tend to avoid pulpits, but allow us to say that SureFire strongly supports the NRA with both money and involve-ment.We urge you to do the same.

The G2Z CombatLight chosen by the NRA as their official tactical light is, according to our chief engineer, actually the most durable of the different CombatLights. The polymer construction renders the G2Z much more shock-proof and resistant to hard impacts.The surface cannot be scratched or dented and the polymer prevents metal-activated detectors from going off, a bad day if you work bomb disposal.The G2Z comes with a wrist lanyard and accepts an optional high-output 120 lumen lamp.

Stepping up in features, we find the C2 Centurion and its big brother, the C3 Centurion.



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