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Pick any color you like as long as it's hard anodized.We are not Henry Ford making Model Ts, but we limit the color options of our aluminum flashlights to black, natural gray and gun metal. Our polymer models come in black, yellow and olive drab.

The color selection for aluminum flashlights is based on the type of finish used. All aluminum must be anodized to give it a surface hardness and corrosion resistance. We use Type II anodizing and Type III anodizing, also known as "mil-spec hard anodizing" because it's by far the hardest and toughest finish that can be applied to aluminum, and it meets military specifications.

When hard anodizing is applied without a dye added, a gray-green color results.We add black dye to some hard anodized products, like the new E2d Defender, which produces a matte black color. The shiny black and gun metal colors result from Type II anodizing.




The easy-to-carry, unobtrusive aspect of the Executive Series makes them enormously popular with undercover agents who must work in discreet plain clothes, yet have a tactically powerful flashlight at the ready. This same feature— micro size yet magnum performance— makes the Executive Series popular with hunters who typically look to shed every ounce possible in their gear.

Craig Boddington, the most well-respected living big game hunter and Executive Field Editor for Petersen's Hunting, says SureFire is the best hunting flashlight he's ever used. "Any other flashlight is second best," says Craig. Strong stuff from a man who simply doesn't give product endorsements.

Whether you're looking to drop a small, bright flashlight into your pocket, backpack or purse, there's an Executive Series model that will fill your needs perfectly.As we like to say in our ads, the SureFire Executive Series is Smaller. Brighter. Better.

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The official flashlight of


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