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We listened, and the result is the X200. It's the smallest, lightest and most advanced pistol light on the market, the only pistol light with a digitally controlled LED. The brightness of the 3 watt Luxeon LED in the X200 rivals that of our Nitrolon Handgun WeaponLight, nominally stated as 80 lumens by the manufacturer (although exact readings on LEDs vary much more than incandescent lamps).

We heard from Special Forces operators too.They wanted a modular Weapon-Light system to fit on the Picatinny forend of an M4 carbine.We listened and we created the Millennium Universal System (MU System), an upgradeable, mission-specific lighting system that's easily modified by the operator depending on his objective. The MU System comes in 6, 9 and 12 volt versions, with two types of mounting options, three bezel sizes and four switch choices. Our L72 and L75 laser designators fit the MU System, as does the KL5 and KL6 LED conversion heads. An array of filters are available, including infrared for use with night vision devices.

Soldiers Afghanistan

SureFire WeaponLights are being used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan as the military's mission includes house-to-house searches and rooting terrorists out of caves. Favoring the Millennium Universal (MU) System, the soldiers and Marines mount the MU System to the Picatinny forend of their M4 rifles.

Combat photos by AP WorldWide

Surefire Magazines Afghanistan

Today, the MU System is deployed to Iraq. It's been featured on the weapons of soldiers on the cover of TIME Magazine, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report. In fact, we've been there from the beginning, first in Afghanistan and now in Iraq.As we said in an ad,"Caves are dark, business is good."

And while the MU System represents the very best fighting light that a soldier might need, it too is subject to an unrelenting process of constant improvement. Every SureFire WeaponLight is constantly being improved and upgraded. Take our legendary shotgun forends. Patented for its unique design features, the shotgun forend is a staple in police cruisers nationwide. SWAT teams swear by their SureFire-equipped shotguns.

Yet we retired this trusty forend and replaced it with an upgraded version, based on feedback from police officers in the field. They said they liked the optional constant-on switch, but why couldn't it be standard instead of an extra-cost option? We made it so. And they liked the pebbled surface of the forend, but why couldn't we make it slip-proof, even with wet hands? We made it so. The result is the new FA version of the venerable shotgun forend.

Dedicated forends— forends that replace the factory forend with one that incorporates a white light— are offered for other weapons too. SureFire produces dedicated forends for HK G36 and G36K assault rifles, Colt M16 battle rifles and SIG assault rifles as well as all the leading brands of riot shotguns.






New for 2004, SureFire once again listened to operator input and designed the new M73 Picatinny forend for an M4 carbine. This unique new forend is rock-solid, stable enough for mounting a laser. Other SureFire Picatinny forends includes models for the MP5 submachinegun and

Remington and Mossberg shotguns.

Constant improvement. Operator input. Uncompromising performance. Combat proven. These are the reasons why professionals count on SureFire WeaponLights when they go in harm's way.


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