SureFire edged weapons make a great addition to any knife collection, but our knives are made first and foremost to ■ be used. They're designed and built to fulfill the needs of some of the most demanding customers in the world—soldiers, cops, SWAT teams, and elite special-ops groups—and to thrive under the harshest conditions. A SureFire edged weapon belongs in the streets, on the battlefield, or in the pocket of someone who truly appreciates a functional, beautiful piece of tactical steel. Not in a display case.

SureFire edged weapons are created with input from end-users and experts, then brought to life by renowned knife-maker Steve Ryan. Every design element is carefully calculated and implemented to add to the overall form and function of the knife. The end result is a knife that's reliable, durable, efficient, and feels as good as it performs. One that won't let you down in even the most extreme situations. An edged weapon worthy of the SureFire name.

Delta folder model shown ]

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