Dedicated Forend Weaponlights

For applications that don't require the extensive mounting capabilities of a SureFire Picatinny rail but still require a rugged, reliable weapon-mounted light, a SureFire Dedicated Forend WeaponLight may be the best option. Dedicated Forends generally weigh less than a separate rail forend with a mounted WeaponLight, and they are usually less expensive. Replacing your weapon's original forend, SureFire Dedicated Forend WeaponLights feature integral shock-isolated, O-ring-sealed high-output lights and have ergonomically designed switching for precision control. Switching options range from one integrated momentary-on pressure pad to an array of switches that provide maximum control. Dedicated Forend WeaponLights can be accessorized with filters (red, blue, infrared), diffusers, ultra high-output replacement lamps, and laser-sighting modules.

SureFire's Dedicated Forends have been adopted by security forces around the globe. (Model 618FA shown)


Recommended for law enforcement applications and civilian home defense. Designed to fit most popular combat rifles and carbines. Dedicated Forend WeaponLights replace the weapon's original forend and include a shock-isolated tactical light and switches that are cleanly integrated within the forend.

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