Emitter Type

WeaponLight systems feature two types of emitters: high-pressure xenon incandescent lamps and solid-state LEDs (light emitting diodes). The primary advantage of incandescent lamps is that they generally produce the higher output needed for longer-range applications. They also produce infrared radiation, which allows an operator to use an IR filter in conjunction with night-vision equipment. The downside to incandescent lamps is that they deplete their battery power source faster than LEDs, and their filaments eventually burn out or break.

LEDs generally produce a broader, more diffused beam better suited for close-quarter applications (although a tight beam with good reach can be achieved with a TIR lens). Because they're solid state, LEDs are virtually immune to failure from shock or vibration. Finally, they can last for thousands of hours and, unlike incandescent lamps, will continue to emit usable light as their battery power source is depleted.

However, LEDs don't produce enough infrared radiation to be used with an IR filter, which means they won't work with night-vision equipment (except for specially made infrared LEDs). Furthermore, the maximum output level of LEDs is generally lower than that available from incandescents (although LEDs are catching up), which means incandescent WeaponLights are still the best choice for longer-range applications.



SureFire Millennium Universal (MU) System WeaponLights are made of aerospace-grade, hard-anodized (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2) aluminum. They feature shock isolation for impact protection and O-ring seals to keep out the elements, ensuring maximum reliability in combat situations. The MU System features two-, three-, and four-battery lights that attach to a Picatinny rail via integral throw-lever or thumbscrew mounts. System modularity allows rapid field conversion to the desired light output, reflector size, and switch configuration. The heads, lamps, reflectors, and tailcaps of MU System WeaponLights are interchangeable with SureFire Special Operations flashlights, providing operators the ability to interchange parts for emergency field repairs. MU System WeaponLights can accommodate a SureFire laser sight module or a 2.5-inch Turbohead for an extended-range beam. Accessories include colored and infrared filters, covers, multiple switch options, and a variety of lamp assemblies for different light output.

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