CRUCIBLE CPM® S30V® STEEL BLADE for strength and superior edge retention; coated to resist rust and adhesion of corrosive substances.

TITANIUM FRAME and liner lock provides structural strength and durability.

FLEX-CUFF CUTTER cuts through flex-cuffs and zip-ties up to .375" wide and .125" thick.

INTEGRAL FINGER GUARD protects finger from blade, serves as a quick-open mechanism.

THUMB STUD for quick opening .

REVERSIBLE POCKET CLIP holds knife securely in place.

INTEGRAL FLAT-BLADE SCREWDRIVER for attaching or removing license plates.

True Stories


My son is a machine-gunner in Iraq, and he rides in the wows nest of a convoy vehicle when they go out on patrol at nuH. He says they are always on the lookout for lEDs (improvised explosion devices) and that, although the bombs are usually buried, there is a Mn copper wire that runs atop the ground to detonate it. He says his Sunhn flashlight is so powerful it picks up the fine copper wire 'in the dead of night from atop the crows nest.

Even though my son had to buy his SureFire w'ith his °wn pay, he belieVes it was worth it. That his life is worth it. l just want to let your company know how many lives are being saved because of this powerful flashlight. Thank you, SureFire, for making a product that is literally saving the lives of our brave servicemen anil women so they can come home safely to their families and loved ones.

Proud Marine Mom-Cheryl A.

Pinedale, WY

For more true stories visit surefire.com/true

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