EarPro makes both passive and active hearing protection. The passive hearing protection found in Sonic Defenders filters out potentially dangerous noises by allowing only sounds of 80dB or lower to pass through. The active hearing protection found in SWAT Ears and FoxEars uses electronics to lower potentially dangerous sounds. These same electronics also amplify softer sounds, providing hearing enhancement.


EP3 Sonic Defenders are perfect for those who need protection against potentially dangerous sounds but still need to hear conversation and ambient sounds. They use Hocks Noise Braker® filters to allow only sounds of 80dB or lower to pass through, providing a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 9dB. Made of a soft, hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer, Sonic Defenders provide all-day comfort and stay securely in place by conforming to the shape of your ear. Their low-profile, ergonomic design means they can be worn with a hat, helmet, mask, or while using a phone or wearing supplemental ear muffs.

EarPro SWAT Ears utilize digital-compression technology to seamlessly lower potentially dangerous sounds and amplify soft, harder-to-hear sounds, providing both hearing protection and a tactical advantage. Digital compression doesn't make speech sound choppy, the way "clipping" technology used by other electronic hearing protection products can. The units fit comfortably behind the ear and channel sound directly into the wearer's ear canal.


The same hearing enhancement and protection provided by SWAT Ears, but this unit also connects to your radio to channel incoming communications directly into your ear. Provides crystal-clear communications, hearing protection, and tactically enhanced hearing all in one unit. A submersible, omni-directional microphone ensures outgoing transmissions are equally clear.


FoxEars, like SWAT Ears, use sophisticated digital-compression audio technology to simultaneously provide hearing amplification and hearing protection. Loud sounds that could damage your hearing are lowered by as much as 29.5dB, and softer sounds not audible to the bare ear are amplified up to 20dB. Compact, nearly undetectable FoxEars fit comfortably within the ear, and their low-profile design allows them to be worn while wearing a helmet, mask, hat, or while using a phone or wearing headphones.

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