The HellFighter packs power and versatility into a tough, compact package that weighs only 10 pounds and measures a mere eight inches in length. This small but Herculean WeaponLight houses an ultra high-output high intensity discharge (HID) lamp assembly in a hard-anodized, weather-sealed aluminum body about the size of a small coffee can. The HellFighter generates a 3,000-lumen beam of blinding, tightly focused light—more than enough to illuminate targets hundreds of yards away.

Designed to mount on a .50 caliber machine gun, the versatile HellFighter can also be mounted on an M44 Minigun, a vehicle, or detached and used as a handheld searchlight. Powered by one or two military 5590 batteries or from a 12-volt auto battery, the HellFighter quickly connects to either. Its 10-foot cable comes equipped with military 5590 connectors and an auto accessory (cigarette lighter) plug. Activating the HellFighter is achieved via a rear-mounted pushbutton switch or a remote cable switch featuring both momentary- and constant-on capability.

Three filters are currently available for the HellFighter: infrared, for use with night-vision equipment; amber, for enhanced illumination in dusty or smoky conditions; and an opaque cover to protect the HellFighter's window.

The HellFighter and its components can be ordered separately or as a complete system.

With its tightly focused beam, the SureFire HellFighter is capable of illuminating targets hundreds of yards away.

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