The SureFire Helmet Light provides low-output, hands-free illumination that's perfect for navigation, loading gear, reading maps, equipment repairs, or any general close-work illumination needs. Lightweight, compact, and watertight, it was designed for easy attachment to the side of any Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH), but it can be attached to virtually any helmet.

The Helmet Light's primary beam is created by three white 5-mm LEDs, which have three separate output levels. Two 5-mm LEDs in low-signature, night-vision-friendly blue, also available in three output levels, constitute its secondary beam. Finally, a blinking 3-mm infrared LED serves as an Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon.

The Helmet Light's six LEDs are encased in a rugged polymer body and powered by a single three-volt lithium battery. The light is operated by two ergonomically designed switches that can be easily activated without looking. The light slides on to a semi-permanent helmet mount and can be quickly detached for servicing or to connect it to its optional M71 carry clip, which attaches to MOLLE or ALICE vests.

The lightweight SureFire Helmet Light mounts to any MICH helmet, providing low-light, hands-free illumination.

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