The X200® is, quite simply, the world's most advanced handgun WeaponLight. The toughest, too. An electronically regulated, virtually indestructible LED that produces a tactical-level beam is housed inside a waterproof aerospace-grade aluminum body that's hard anodized with a rugged Mil-Spec finish. Available in two versions, the X200 Series offers two different beams for different applications. The X200A features a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that focuses its 60-lumen beam into a tight pattern perfect for close- to mid-range engagements. The X200B uses an LED and a precision reflector to create a wider-angle 100-lumen beam that's better suited for closer-range encounters, such as inside enclosed areas or structures.

Both versions of the X200 feature ambidextrous constant-on toggle switches. They can also be fitted with optional remote switches that allow an operator to activate the light without lifting a finger or altering his grip. The X200 slides on to most handguns equipped with an integral accessory rail, and it includes a mounting plate for attachment to a Picatinny rail. An assortment of rail adapters are also available, allowing the X200 to be mounted to many rail-less handguns as well.

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