Laser Sights

SureFire, formerly Laser Products, developed the first laser sight for firearms. Today that legacy continues in the form of SureFire laser sights for the tactical market—available in visible red and infrared. SureFire laser sights utilize a unique prism-zeroing system, which eliminates the need for springs and adjustment screws that can loosen from impact, vibration, or recoil. So once a SureFire laser is zeroed, it stays zeroed. And unlike typical pulsing lasers, SureFire lasers emit a continuous-pulse beam that has about twice the power, producing a beam that's easier to track. On the other hand, SureFire infrared lasers are visible only with Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

SureFire laser sights can be mounted individually or in conjunction with a SureFire WeaponLight. The laser modules screw into the standardized threads of most SureFire WeaponLight systems, enabling operators to switch back and forth between white light and visible or infrared laser beams.

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