Milspec Hardanodized Finish

SureFire illumination tools are machined from tough aerospace-grade aluminum, making them lightweight but incredibly resistant to damage from impact, crushing, bending, and corrosion.

Nitrolon® is a proprietary high-strength, non-conductive polymer used in some of our flashlights and WeaponLights. It is made from a mixture of nylon and fine glass fibers, which add rigidity, strength, abrasion resistance, and increased stability at higher operating temperatures.

SureFire aluminum-body flashlights are hard anodized for surface toughness and corrosion resistance. Using a chemical bath and electricity, a layer of aluminum oxide—one of the hardest substances known—is "grown" on the surface of the flashlight body. Anodizing comes in varying degrees of hardness, but to ensure that SureFire illumination tools are as tough as possible, most are finished in military-specified finish Mil-A-8625, Type III, Class 2.

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