The two-battery Scout Light's size and weight, along with its wider LED beam, make it ideal for close-quarter and short-range encounters, as well as operations where every inch and every ounce counts. The Scout Light's virtually unbreakable, electronically regulated LED kicks out 100 lumens of tactical-level light and runs for nearly three hours on a single set of batteries. Attachable to any Picatinny rail in seconds, the Scout Light is activated using a momentary-on remote tape switch that easily unplugs from the light should adjustments or repairs be needed.

If your mission requires infrared capability, the Scout Light's LED module, which produces negligible infrared radiation, can be replaced with an incandescent module and equipped with an infrared FM53 filter. The Scout Light can be purchased as a kit that includes an LED light unit, thumbscrew mount, incandescent module, infrared filter, and tape switch.

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Surefire Scout Fm53
The Scout Light is compact and lightweight, leaving more space for other rail-mounted accessories. [Model M600A shown]

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