The L.E.O. knife was designed with the needs of law enforcement and military professionals in mind. This rugged titanium-framed folder features a durable, locking drop-point CPM® S30V® steel blade, which can be quickly opened by pressing down on its integral finger guard or pushing out on its protruding thumb stud. The L.E.O.'s blade features a ground-in flathead screwdriver, perfect for attaching or removing license plates. Its low-profile flex-cuff cutter, which snaps neatly into the knife's titanium frame when not in use, cuts through nylon flex-cuffs and zip-ties up to .375 inches wide and .125 inches thick. And to keep the L.E.O. firmly in place, it features a strong pocket clip that's reversible, so you can carry the knife positioned in your pocket or tac vest the way you're most comfortable with.

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