Tactically Advantageous Switching

Holding a flashlight in an "ice-pick" grip, with your thumb on the end-mounted switch, provides better hold and control— ergonomic and tactical advantages. That's why SureFire flashlights are configured this way instead of putting the switch on the flashlight body. SureFire WeaponLights have built-in ergonomic switching as well as optional switching configurations for complete and convenient control.

As a commitment to our customers and products, SureFire sells its own brand of highest-quality lithium batteries at a low price. SureFire WeaponLights and flashlights use lithium batteries because of their advantages over alkalines, outlined below.

Longer Shelf Life

At room temperature, SureFire lithium batteries can be stored for 10 years and still supply about 90% of their power. Alkaline batteries have a significantly shorter shelf life.

Temperature Tolerance

SureFire lithium batteries function over a wide temperature range (-76° to 176°F / -60° to 80°C), although power is reduced at either extreme. In contrast, alkaline batteries function poorly below freezing and at higher temperatures—an important consideration if you're operating in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Power Density

It takes approximately 2.5 alkaline batteries to match the power output of one SureFire lithium battery.


For a given size, SureFire lithium batteries weigh about half as much as alkaline batteries, greatly reducing the weight of SureFire WeaponLights and flashlights.


Lithium batteries have a terminal voltage of three volts; alkaline batteries, only 1.5 volts.

Voltage Maintenance

A lithium battery maintains fairly constant voltage for up to 95% of its life, depending on discharge rate. At moderate to high discharge rates, the voltage of alkaline batteries drops rapidly, making them unsuitable for consistent performance or use in high-output flashlights.

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