SureFire's devotion to making the highest-quality tactical products started back in the early eighties, when Dr. John Matthews, founder of SureFire (then Laser Products), developed a laser sight for the Colt Trooper pistol. A laser sight for a Ruger Mini-14 soon followed, and then the idea of mounting a light directly on a weapon. Today, SureFire WeaponLights are used by more SWAT teams and special operations units than any other brand.

Engineered with input from end-users and tested on mean streets and battlefields around the world, SureFire tactical products are tough, effective, reliable, and the most technologically advanced available. And while we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, we get even more satisfaction knowing that SureFire products keep our military and law enforcement professionals—as well as fellow citizens exercising their right of self-defense—safer.

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