In the field or on the streets, a good handheld illumination tool can prove every bit as valuable as a weapon-mounted light. In fact, in some instances it can be even more tactically advantageous. A handheld flashlight is also critical for navigating, searching, reading documents, or temporarily disabling a foe's night-adapted vision. SureFire flashlights are the finest in the world. Compact, rugged, and powerful, they produce brilliant, perfectly focused beams and perform in the harshest environments under extreme conditions. Made from the finest materials and components—the highest-quality light sources, optically coated Pyrex® windows, hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum bodies—SureFire flashlights feature ergonomic, tactically advantageous switching for precision control. And the components of some SureFire flashlights are compatible with SureFire WeaponLights, providing an operator with interchangeable parts for field repairs. No wonder SureFire flashlights are the number-one choice of SWAT teams, elite special operations groups, and other military and law enforcement professionals.

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