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I was dispatched to a call at a local mechanics shop. The subject, a convicted felon known to be armed and dangerous, was unhappy with the service he'd received and had threatened, to return and kil the manager.

As we approached the subject's house, I couU see a man getting into a vehicle, which he began backing into the str-ee't. Fearing it was the. subject, I pointed my X200-equipped firearm at hm and ordered him to stop and put his hands up. The subject stopped and dropped his hands from the steering wheel, out of sight. Thinking he was trying to arm himself, I activated my Xl00 and shined its bUn^ng Ught into his eyes.

Overwhelmed by the light, he raised his hands and was taken int° custody without incident. I truly believe my XLOD prevented a shooting in tense, quickly escalating situation. Had my light: no-t blinded the subjcct and made him involuntarily raise his hands, I was prepared to escalate to the next course of action. Thanks for making such great productsl

Adam C, Orange County, CA

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