True Stories


My team was ambushed south of Falluja. We wire badly outnumbered ami engaged by machine guns, mortar, and r-ockrt-pi-opdktt grenades. Two RPGs hit us, one of which impacted a foo-t away from my head, breaking my arm, blowing out both eardrums, ami dislocating my db°w My M4 carbine with a SureFire WeaponLight was blown out of my hands. We fought for an hour and a half before be'hng ^^h.11. When I got back my gear, I was amazed to find that my ^nF^ stil worked. It was the only piece of my equipment that sui-Hit11, including the ruined M4 it was mounted on. I served in Af^anUUn and senral tours

Iraq, and SureFire has passed the test of comM. Thanks for making one hell of a product.

Sgt. E. Kocher

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