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My company purchased 16 HellFighters to use In Iraq. They hare been working great and serve as a great escalatlon-of-force tool, among othe.r things, allowing us to get our point across wtihtout: actually finng any rounds. Our forces encounter many explosive devices in <raq, which occasionally strike U.S. vehicles. Unfortunately, last week one of our vehicles sustained a catastrophic hit. The M2 .50 uil the HdlFighter was mounted to was sheared into tw┬░ pieces.

After the explosion, we revovered the HellFlghter, st'di attached to its mounting bracket, in one piece near the sunr When we got back to our forward observation battalion, we attached a power cable from another HellFighter to see if the blown-up one would stil work. T our amazement, it lit rigM up!

Cpt. Michael TT, Iraq

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