Vice President Of Engineering

Paul Kim is not a member of any elite special-ops groups or SWAT teams. He doesn't stare danger in the face on a daily basis (except for his morning commute), and he's not someone whose very life is likely to depend on his weapon-mounted light providing him with a tactical advantage. What Paul is, is SureFire's V.P. of engineering, and like the rest of his SureFire teammates, he shares an obsession for providing those who do go in harm's way with tools that help them accomplish their missions and return safely.

While Paul and his crew certainly have the intellectual horsepower to come up with WeaponLight designs on their own, they make a point of incorporating feedback from military and law enforcement end-users. Paul even does his own field-testing, something he thoroughly enjoys (although he's not thrilled about the MREs). So when you buy a SureFire WeaponLight, you can be sure it wasn't designed by some guy in a white lab coat who doesn't know the difference between a Picatinny rail and Piccadilly Circus.


XM Tailcap Switch Assembly

This weatherproof unit includes a system-disable feature, click-on/off pushbutton switch, and plug-in momentary-on remote tape switch. The pushbutton and pressure-activated tape switches operate independently, providing redundancy. Standard tape switch cable length is seven inches (fits most rifle and carbine applications). Additional cable lengths available.

SR Plug-In Dual Switch with Rail Clip

Dual-switch module features momentary-on pressure pad switch, constant-on pushbutton switch, and snap-on clamp for quick attachment to a Picatinny rail forend. Available as an accessory only.


A.R.M.S. Throw-Lever Mount

Allows for rapid mounting and dismounting.


* With included ultra high-output lamp ** With optional ultra high-output lamp (xx)= cable length in inches

Max Output

65/120** lumens

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