Remington 870 Surefire Picatinny Forend

Model 900A Millennium Vertical Grip WeaponLight Shown

SureFire Picatinny Forends are available for Remington 870 and Mossberg 590 pump shotguns.

SureFire manufacturers a superior quality Picatinny forend for select weapons. Extruded from high-strength, aerospace-grade aluminum, SureFire forends are configured to military standard 1913 Picatinny specifications. Additionally, SureFire engineers incorporated heat-dissipating ventilation holes that also serve to reduce weight.

SureFire Millennium™ Universal Systems or Vertical Grip WeaponLights™ may be affixed to the Picatinny forends in a variety of configurations to suit mission-specific needs.

MP5 Picatinny Forend Model M63

Enabling Grip Switch2002 Surefire Lights

The Millennium Universal System Model 961 is shown with the new momentary-on, constant-on click switch.

The Millennium Universal System Model 951 with momentary-on tail-cap switch is shown.

Serious operators have come to appreciate the advantage of a Picatinny interface on a combat weapon. Primarily, a Picatinny forend lends an unparalleled latitude of versatility to the weapon, enabling the operator to affix a white light, infrared light, visible laser, infrared laser, a plain vertical grip or a Vertical Grip WeaponLight™.

U.S. Special Forces led the way in popularizing an accessorized forend when they adopted a Picatinny handguard on their M4 rifles. SureFire, recognizing the applicability of the Picatinny concept to other CQB weapons such as the HK MP5 and the Remington 870 combat shotgun, developed new forends for these battle-tested weapons.

Like all SureFire products, the new Picatinny forend meets or exceeds the most stringent military requirements, such as exposure to salt water and hard field use.

MP5 Picatinny Forend Model M63

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