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Why own a SureFire? Beyond the obvious reason of product superiority— which probably should be enough, given it's your life and the lives of those for whom you are responsible that's at stake here— you should own a SureFire because it's the best. SureFire redefines the flashlight into a tactical tool with stunningly better performance, capable of temporarily blinding an opponent. It opens a new vista of nonlethal "force option" capability to the operator.

Why own a SureFire? The activation mechanism of a tactical light— the switch— is absolutely essential for proper performance in a combative environment. You must have the ability to instantly trigger the light so that you can utilize "light and move" tactics. SureFire has a patented momentary tail-cap, specifically designed for tactical usage. A major reason to own a SureFire!

Why own a SureFire? Every feature on our WeaponLights and hand-held tactical lights are the result of over two decades of constant innovation. The result of the things that we discovered, invented or developed is that the world's elite military and law enforcement special operations units all swear by SureFire. When Newsweek magazine featured a Special Forces operator in Afghanistan on its cover (October 29, 2001), the soldier's M4, sure enough, was equipped with a SureFire WeaponLight.

Why own a SureFire? Our process of constant innovation is continuing at an accelerated pace. Even as you read this, we continue to find more ways to improve our products and give you an ever greater tactical advantage in low-light operations.

Why own a SureFire? The perfect focus and beam quality of all SureFire lights. The use of shock isolation to protect the lamp. The plethora of different power options and run-times. The interchangeable or replaceable lamp assemblies, capable of quick-change within seconds, in the dark, without tools, while maintaining perfect focus. The MilSpec Type 3 hard anodizing. The optically coated, tempered Pyrex windows. The advanced, high-performance polymers for molded parts rather than ordinary ABS plastics. Everywhere you look, you will find we have chosen the best materials, the best components, and the best processes in the manufacture of our products.

And that's why you should own a SureFire.

When you purchase a SureFire tactical illumination tool, you are gaining access to a unique and exclusive club. This fraternity shares a demand for excellence, a no-compromise approach to tactical gear. This club owns highly specialized illumination tools that were designed by engineers with vision and extraordinary expertise. Their work resulted in SureFire tactical lights to meet the unique requirements of military Special Operations units, SWAT teams, peace officers, body guards, professionals— anyone who refuses to lose a conflict because of shoddy equipment.

When you buy a SureFire, you acquire technical excellence. You are part of a group that is only willing to buy the best tools, despite the existence of less costly— dare we say it, cheap— alternatives. Because discriminating users demand professional-grade performance. Not the cheapest, but the best. Uncompromising in design, flawless in quality. The best, and nothing less.

When you buy a SureFire, you hold in your hand the product of countless hours of testing and evaluating by the SureFire Institute staff during its high-level training that is renowned both nationally and internationally. You reap the benefit of thousands of force-on-force engagements in a low-light, projectile-based, combative environment. They train so you can win. You hold in your hand the subtle refinements, the design improvements and many other features that

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