Shotgun Forend Weaponlights

Pressure Switch

Activates light or laser sight only while pressure is applied


Rugged yet lightweight, this dedicated forend replaces the stock forend


A shock-isolated lamp assembly prevents bulb breakage from recoil or rough handling

The SureFire shotgun WeaponLight comes standard with an integral pressure switch,which activates the light only while pressure is applied by fingertip control. And new for 2002, there is also a rocker switch incorporated into left side of the housing to provide constant-on switching.

A laser sight or a light-and-laser combo can be installed with a second pressure switch for separate control of the light and laser.

The new shotgun forends have also been designed to accept the larger diameter Millennium lamp modules, allowing you to install a 9 volt lamp assembly for an eyeball blistering 225 lumen capability. A grip enhancing soft polymer "wrap" has been added to the lower portion of the forend.

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