Surefire Lithium Batteries

SureFire lithium batteries— made in the U.S.A.— are manufactured to the highest performance specifications. SureFire's electrical engineers specified the SureFire battery for maximum energy output and long life. SureFire lithium batteries have a 10 year shelf-life and can be relied upon to deliver their power in the most adverse conditions.

SureFire lithium batteries are available only in bulk quantities. The smallest package is a dozen, then a 24-pack and finally a 72-pack. TMn-battery card packs are available in a 12-card, 24-battery box— ideal for retailers.

Priced much more competitively than "battery company" batteries, SureFire lithium batteries are sold at much less markup than "battery company" batteries because SureFire wants to provide a reasonably priced, high-performance battery to power its unsurpassed flashlights and WeaponLights™.

SF123A: single battery (not sold) SF12BB: 12-battery pack SF24BB: two 12-battery packs (24 batteries) SF24CB: 12 cards of two batteries per card (24 batteries) SF72BB: six 12-battery packs (72 batteries)

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