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Hand-held tactical flashlights are an important backup to a WeaponLight equipped firearm. If your primary light goes down, you need a secondary. The best backup is a light that offers interchangeable parts with your primary light and features the same performance— a SureFire Special Operations hand-held light.

Part of our newest Millennium Series of lights, the Special Operations lights utilize the same shock-isolated bezels and lamp assemblies as Millennium WeaponLights, such as the M900 vertical grip WeaponLight. Tail-caps, lamps and even some of the housings are interchangeable with WeaponLight components. They use the same accessory filters and lithium batteries as their WeaponLight counterparts.

Most of all, Special Operations lights produce the same blindingly bright, flawlessly focused beams— SureFire's signature. The lights are ruggedly constructed with MilSpec Type 3 hard anodized finish, optically coated tempered Pyrex windows and double O-ring water-tight seals. They come with lock-out tail-caps to prevent accidentally running down the batteries.

There are six models in the Special Operations Series of hand-held tactical lights. The M1 Infrared Illuminator is a special-purpose tactical flashlight for use with night vision devices. It emits an invisible infrared beam.

The M2 Centurion is a six-volt CombatLight with a grip ring for utilizing the Rogers/SureFire technique with a handgun. A favorite with Naval Special Warfare and other waterborne forces, the M2 is waterproof to over 100 feet. It can produce 65 or 120 lumens, depending on lamp assembly choice.

The M3 CombatLight is the hands-down favorite of SWAT teams and other high-risk operators. It comes with a grip ring and two lamp assemblies good for 125 or 225 lumens of dazzlingly bright SureFire light. There is also a TurboHead version of the M3, the M3T, that comes with the larger 2.5" TurboHead bezel.

The M4 Devastator is an astonishingly powerful 12 volt tactical light with an amazing 225 or 350 lumens of scorching white light. It also features shock-isolated lamp assemblies and double O-ring construction.

The M6 Magnum is the king of the lumen hill with the capability to produce 500 retina-searing lumens. It comes with a 250 and 500 lumen lamp assembly and utilizes a unique quick-change battery magazine holding six SureFire lithium batteries.

By now you should already understand and appreciate the tactical advantages afforded by SureFire WeaponLights. Just as you carry a handgun to backup your primary shoulder weapon, so too should you carry a hand-held flashlight to backup your WeaponLight.

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