The Ultimate Tactical Illumination Tools

WfeaponLights have only one purpose, only one reason to exist— to give you the edge. Once you enter a dark, dangerous environment, trust your SureFire WeaponLight™ to perform. Watertight, shockproof, ruggedly reliable, a SureFire WeaponLight fights as hard as you do. Because in a gunfight, winning is everything.

To that end, everything that we do— everything that we have laboriously designed and painstakingly tested— must be measured against this ultimate victory. You will prevail because of a number of factors— your tactics, your mindset, your indomitable spirit— and also because you entered the fight with superior tools.

SureFire WeaponLights are tactical illumination tools. They're purpose-built to fit a wide variety of firearms: handguns, rifles, submachineguns and shotguns. Some are modular, capable of adapting to mission-specific requirements, while others are dedicated housings that precisely mate to one make and model. All are tough, strong, durable and reliable.

And they're bright. Dazzlingly, blindingly, searingly bright. A SureFire WeaponLight dominates the darkness, giving you so much tactical light that an adversary can be temporarily blinded and disoriented. Such a powerful lighting tool is a "force option" in a law enforcement situation, a non-lethal means of forcing a suspect to capitulate. The power of light Is indeed formidable. When you review the various options on our WeaponLights, my advice is that you select the most powerful light with the largest bezel that you are willing to afford and capable of carrying. You can always work around having too much light, but if you don't have enough, it could cost you your life.

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John W. Matthews Founder and President

The Millennium Universal System is a totally modular WeaponLight designed to mount on any Picatinny rail interface. It can be configured with a variety of switches, lamp assemblies and mounts. The MU System is detailed on page 34.

The Zen Of Constant Improvement

This is the new 2002 SureFire WeaponLights™

catalog and it is out-of-date already. In fact, it was out-of-date the minute it was finished because of SureFire's process of continuous improvement. Every week, every day, every hour, we work to better our products. The engineering team strives to improve on what many consider perfection— the finest tactical illumination tools ever built.

But we know there is always room for improvement. A brighter lamp design. An improved switch. Increased run-time. Navigation LEDs. Infrared filters. Better ergonomics.

This is the new 2002 SureFire WeaponLights™ catalog and it is already incomplete. We have a separate catalogs for our tactical flashlights and for our law enforcement and military training program, which is conducted by the SureFire Institute.

SureFire's lighting tools— and the training doctrine that defines their tactical use— reflect over two decades of developmental efforts in close cooperation with our law enforcement and military customers. The goal of this development was simple— to help you prevail in low-light environments.

SureFire WeaponLights were not developed for hunters, although a dedicated WeaponLight forend on a Remington 870 would be ideal for venturing into the dark, thick mopane after a gut-shot leopard. SureFire WeaponLights were not designed for varmint hunters, although a rifle-mounted light would be the ticket for nailing coyotes at night. Hunters can certainly benefit from these products, but they were not the driving force which led to their creation. "Sporting purpose" was not behind them.

SureFire WeaponLights were developed for those who go in harm's way in defense of our society and nation, as well as for those law-abiding individuals who have accepted the responsibility for the armed defense of their person, their home and their family. SureFire developed the first WeaponLight for our local law enforcement SWAT teams in the early 1980s, focusing primarily on lights for the HK MP5 submachinegun, the 1911 Government Model pistol, and the 12 ga. pump shotgun.

Since then, the SureFire WeaponLight product line has grown to encompass virtually all service handguns, duty shotguns, battle rifles, and subma-chineguns used by law enforcement and military units worldwide. We offer tactical lights encased in a dedicated forend that replaces the weapon's stock forend and we offer component-based systems that can adapt to fit most weapons.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of performance-enhancing options and features, most being modular, to allow you to configure your WeaponLight for your firearm. SureFire also offers training for law enforcement and military personnel on the tactical use of light in combative environment. All of our products and all of our training is geared toward one goal— helping you to prevail when you are called upon to fight.

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